PepsiCo rolls out ‘Choose me or lose me’ campaign for Walkers Crisps

PepsiCo’s latest marketing campaign to boost sales of Walkers crisps involves putting some of its favourite flavours in jeopardy.

The brand is offering consumers the chance to keep their favourite flavours or risk losing them to a brand new flavour, with the new campaign called ‘Choose me or lose me’.

Walkers will be offering consumers the chance to vote between classic and new flavours either by purchasing a single pack or by voting online; the competition will be between three core flavours and three new flavours, with Salt & Vinegar being challenged by Lime & Black Pepper, Prawn Cocktail taking on Paprika, and Smoky Bacon versus Bacon & Cheddar. The competing three flavours are all bestsellers in other countries.

The outcome will be determined 80% by single packs bought in store, and 20% by the online vote.

Thomas Barkholt, marketing director at PepsiCo, said: “Walkers Flavour campaigns have been proved to deliver each year for the crisps and snacks segment, showing they are hugely popular with both retailers and customers.

“The campaign is based on strong insights around the importance of snacks to British consumers and the opportunity to have their say. We know our consumers feel passionately about their favourite Walkers flavours, and we wanted to give them the opportunity to vote in regards to which flavours will be staying on shelves.

“We know consumers love our flavour campaigns and retailers benefit enormously from the buzz which they generate, and this will in turn help wholesalers’ sales. We are confident that by bringing back the voting element, this campaign will really capture consumers’ interest, stimulating demand and driving growth in the savoury snacks category.”

Available in 32.5g singles, 32.5g pricemarked packs, 50g grab bags and key multi-pack formats, each pack will feature a banner with the caption, Choose me or lose me. The campaign will be supported by television advertising as well as PR, digital and social media activity and support in-store.



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