Rise of the machine: my day with JJ Food Service

Last week I started my day at 4:30am to join JJ Food Service’s top driver on the road, to learn the secret of excellent service.

The man – Rafal Blangiewicz – was a machine! He’s been working at JJ for seven years and by the end of our eight-hour day, he had unloaded 10 pallets across 15 customer drops without even breaking a sweat.

One order included 75 cases of soft drinks and booze – he dispatched the lot in minutes! He lifted 20-litre barrels of vegetable oil two at a time; I couldn’t even budge one.

By the end of the day, I was referring to Rafal as ‘The Terminator’ of our channel – he fired through the customer ‘hit list’ like a man on a mission – never slowing down or tiring.

He had a systematic approach to everything – triple-checking stock in the blink of an eye and was gifted with a mathematical precision for stacking trolleys.

By the end of a hard day, Rafal still managed to maintain his sense of humour – which proved to be one of the reasons he’s so popular with JJ’s customers.

When I asked him how he maintains such high spirits, he told me: “If you’ve got two arms, two legs and one head – what’s there not to be happy about?”

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Image caption: The science of stacking – Rafal’s got it down


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