Parfetts completes expansion of Aintree depot

Parfetts depot Aintree

Parfetts has completed its expansion of their Aintree depot that will allow greater capacity for its delivered operations and improve the experience for retail customers.

The project created a specialised loading area for delivered operations, increasing capacity and improving the visitor experience at the depot. A dedicated picking area was also developed, to create additional room for customers.

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In the last two years, the depot’s delivered activities have increased by 40%. To keep up with demand, the wholesaler has taken on 25 new employees as it expands deliveries across the North West from North Manchester into the Lake District and down to Stoke-on-Trent.

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General manager at Parfetts Aintree, said: “The expansion of the depot will create the capacity we need to continue to grow our delivered business while providing a better experience for our visitors. We’ve experienced significant growth through the pandemic as new retailers tried us for the first time and stayed. We aim for turnover to hit £3m a week over the coming months.”


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