Industry interview: Parfetts


Natalie Campbell is the online manager at Parfetts

How has Parfetts changed from a technological perspective, what it has achieved, and why we did it?

Parfetts has taken some big steps forward to give our retailers the support they need to operate flexibly and efficiently. Our digital ordering site now allows orders up until midnight for next day delivery. With our expanding delivered area, some of our customers may never set foot into one of our depots. That’s why we recognise the importance of creating the same experience and offering the same service levels and more online, as you would in one of our depots.

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The Parfetts website is now dynamic and features retailers’ current promotions, finish dates, savings and POR. It also displays stock figures to shows retailers the current stock available. Additionally, the website offers an alternative should there be any products out of stock. A resource library provides access to POS and key information.

We launched our new app last month, which we believe will offer industry-leading functionality. Ultimately, the way we communicate with retailers has changed. In addition to printed offer leaflets, we also use social media and communicate via text message and email.

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