How can you increase your boxed chocolate sales?

Ferrero is working with a leading wholesaler to help it boost sales alongside a prominent consumer-facing TV campaign.

For the first time in six years, Thorntons is appearing on the nation’s screens. The brand’s new advertising campaign has been timed to coincide with the lead-up to the spring occasions, and the aim of it is to ensure that the brand becomes completely unmissable.

Ferrero shares its top five wholesaling tips:

1. Range

Ensure you keep your shelves full of product and well-organised so that customers can easily find what they are looking for.

2. Point of sale

Use bespoke PoS to help create in-depot theatre and draw attention to new products.

3. Bestsellers

Stock the bestsellers as they will provide a greater rate of sale.

4. Marketing

Be aware of which brands are being heavily supported by marketing, as this will drive consumer awareness which you can translate to sales.

5. Pricemarking

Pricemarking is popular among impulse retailers as a way of communicating value to consumers who can be very price orientated.

Supplier viewpoint

“We believe wholesale depots offer some really exciting opportunities to do unique execution. The space for scale displays, and the fact that we can offer sampling for the retailers, for example. We want retailers to see the campaign on TV, seethe stock available, and see the imagery that reminds them of  the campaign. And then we support them in-store with PoS that is exactly the same for the campaign, so it is a really cohesive approach.”

LEVI BOORER, Customer development director, Ferrero

This article is part of an exclusive project between Better Wholesaling, Ferrero and Parfetts.


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