James Hall & Co has made a host of changes to its WebSPAR system in an effort to bring a better digital experience to SPAR retailers.

Introduced over 10 years ago, WebSPAR is the own internet network specifically for the retailers the SPAR wholesaler for the north of England supplies.

Having gone live on 6 July, the new and improved WebSPAR 2.0 has been totally redesigned based on feedback from retailers over the last 12 months.

The updated system is claimed to have a much simpler, intuitive design, and content on the site is set to be bespoke to each retailer, aided by a login page at the start.

For example, if a store is non-licenced and doesn’t sell alcohol, this retailer will not see any alcohol products, news or information that isn’t relevant to them.

The design is responsive, so retailers can use any device including laptops, tablet and mobile as well as their back office PCs.

The revamped site also includes a new and improved live weather feed, product recalls and alerts, latest news, deals and promotions, and new product launches from both branded and own label.

There’s also a new search facility, which is intended to offer much more intelligent, plus clearer information.

Finally, product images are now much bigger and of better quality, and product information available is much more comprehensive.

Peter Dodding, James Hall & Co. sales and marketing director said: “While the current WebSPAR has been a good communication tool for the past few years, technology has moved on significantly and we wanted to reflect this with WebSPAR 2.0.

“We took on board all the feedback that retailers gave us about WebSPAR, and came up with this clearer, simpler and more intuitive layout.

“We are really confident that our retailers will find it much easier to navigate around the site and find exactly what they’re looking for.”

The site will also continue to be developed in the future.


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