Trade institute offers Border Target Operating Model help to wholesalers

Ahead of the introduction of the Border Target Operating Model (BTOM) at the month the Institute of Export & International Trade has put together an ‘explainer’ graphic to help wholesalers and other businesses on how to navigate importing goods into the UK without compromising security.

The BTOM (Border Target Operating Model) will explain the principles and high-level structures of the UK’s future border controls and sets out how controls will be delivered through simplification, digitisation, and the UK’s new Single Trade Window.

Marco Forgione, director general at the Institute of Export and International Trade, said: “The long-awaited Border Target Operating Model (BTOM) will help to readdress some of the commercial disadvantages that UK businesses have been facing post-Brexit. BTOM’s implementation has been delayed five times previously and this is something that cannot be postponed again. It is essential timelines remain in place so that businesses can prepare appropriately.

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“At present, goods from the EU enter the UK without certification and checks, apart from those required for the highest risk items. The Border Target Operating Model introduces proportionate controls on animal and plant products that will protect the agri-food sector and public health.Going forward trade checks will be streamlined and should make the UK’s borders the most effective in the world.

“More than 70% of the businesses with whom we have spoken remain concerned about potential teething problems. Issues which will impact prices and availability. UK businesses and those trading in the UK can help mitigate issues by ensuring they prepare for these changes. Businesses need to make sure they are communicating with all of their supply chain now.

“It is vital that businesses affected by these changes are aware of what is happening, when, and what the impact to them will be. Small firms we have spoken to have reported mixed levels of awareness and understanding. The good news is there is guidance and support out there. But the time to make the most of that guidance is now.BTOM is an important and much-needed step forward for UK trade. In the long-term it will help reduce costs and friction for businesses, which in turn will help to grow the economy,” he added.

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