Tiger Foodservice combines three depots into one national hub

Tiger Foodservice Depots hub

Tiger Foodservice has merged three regional depots into a singular national hub to improve customer experience.

The three regional depots were located in Derby, Peterborough, and West Bromwich, with the new hub now based in Nottingham.

Director of Tiger Foodservice, Steve Davison, said: “One central location means better efficiencies both in terms of stock provision and order processing, as well as improved distribution and service levels for all our customers, wherever they’re based.”

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The 100,00 sq ft hub has invested in ambient storage, freezers and chillers to accommodate the increased demand for more than 3,000 lines.

“Consumer expectations of out of home dining remain high and caterers need to meet those demands in order to maximise long-term gains,” added Davison.

“We expect it to be exceptionally busy over the next few weeks as people celebrate the festive period and beyond, free from the restrictions that we experienced last year, so this more streamlined operation couldn’t have come at a better time.”


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