SWA bolsters its membership during lockdown

Braehead Foods managing director Craig Stevenson

The Scottish Wholesale Association (SWA) has increased its numbers by nearly 30  as part of a recruitment drive during difficult times for the industry, with many wholesalers choosing to sign up in order to sought quick and confidential access to advice on how to navigate regulations and grants

Ayrshire-based Braehead Foods is one of the companies that has recently joined, with Craig Stevenson, managing director explaining that everything changed for his business last March and as its customers in the hospitality industry suffered, so did his operations.

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“While we’re one of Scotland’s largest independent food wholesalers that doesn’t mean we know everything – we were having to work things out for ourselves like everyone else,” he explained. “So, joining the SWA has really helped the business and having someone at the end of the phone, and knowing that everything you discuss is confidential, has been invaluable, particularly when we’ve been applying for funding and grant aid.”

Mr Stevenson also described the SWA as a “terrific sounding board” as well as providing the opportunity to “be part of something and share information with competitors”. He said: “If recent months have taught us anything it’s that we must help each other where we can, even our competitors.

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