Scottish wholesaler saves thousands using delivery software

Scotland-based Braehead Foods has managed to save £80,000 annually after working with delivery software company PODFather to optimise its routes and streamline its proof of delivery processes.

The wholesaler chose PODFather to help plan its driver routes, track vehicle movements, and capture electronic proof of delivery in real time.

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Andy Clark, director at Braehead Foods, said: “PODFather is a fantastic system. When we first introduced it there was some hesitancy across the business, from both management and drivers, but as our savings show its introduction has had a huge impact on the way we run our growing business.”

“We now rely on it every day to create optimised routes for our drivers. This has made a significant difference as the system automatically handles customer delivery windows, opening times and access constraints which makes all our lives a lot easier,” he added.

Each of Braehead Food’s drivers has been issued with a basic Android smartphone on which to run the PODFather app. Once installed the app allows the Braehead planning team to send job information to each driver with all the relevant details relating to specific delivery drop locations; drivers can also gather and log all vehicle check information.

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Once a drop is complete the driver can collect customer proof of delivery – photo and signature – and submit this back to the transport office in real time.

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