Sugro partners with B2B software provider

Buying group Sugro UK, and Enable, B2B rebate management software provider, have announced their partnership.

The co-founder of Enable, Andrew Butt commented: “We are delighted to partner with Sugro to automate and streamline their rebate management process and implement a specialised Member portal. Our partnership will ensure that Sugro Members will be able to make sense of their overriders, rebates and promotional deals in real-time, and see exactly what they need to do to maximize profitable growth in their business”.

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Head of trading & marketing at Sugro, Yulia Petitt added: “At Sugro we are committed to working with both Members and Suppliers to deliver technological solutions that will give the Group an opportunity to optimise total earnings across numerous complex ORD agreements, rebates and promotional deals.

“The system will allow Sugro Members to track their individual performance against the growth triggers, new product and core range stocking requirement as well as many other levels set by Suppliers as part of trading agreements.

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“By using the Enable system Sugro Members will be able to influence their earnings by maximising purchases to reach the top-level growth triggers as well as capitalising on NPDs and core range distribution opportunities.

“The new initiative will certainly give the Group increased visibility on performance which will lead to increased sales and greater level of distribution across core range and NPDs.


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