Britvic brand Robinsons launches home delivery service

Robinsons delivery
Robinsons has launched a new delivery service

Robinsons is moving into the direct to consumer market, after launching a new home delivery service.

The Britvic brand says that the idea behind Fruit Drop is to “help families #EnjoyMoreWater”. The monthly squash delivery service follows in the footsteps of vegetable and cooking boxes, which have proved popular with consumers.

The company has launched the plan after its research found that 85% of a cross-section of UK adults reported that they drink less than the recommended eight glasses of water every day.

It is not only adults who struggle to drink enough water either, according to the Robinsons research; 72% of 5-12 year olds don’t drink the recommended intakes of fluid, and 47% of parents reportedly worry that their children don’t drink enough water during the day.

GB marketing director for Britvic, Kevin McNair, said: “At Robinsons, we are always encouraging families to drink more water. This research shows the very real benefits of staying hydrated, and of parents leading by example with healthy hydration habits. 61% of parents say it is easier to get their child to drink water when it is mixed with squash, and so we hope the launch of ‘Fruit Drop’ inspires families to enjoy more water.”

The service will initially be trialled via Mumsnet, the UK’s largest network for parents.

The move follows on from a similar venture Heineken undertook last year, in which, in tandem with Deliveroo, it launched a new brand through which consumers can order beer and cider directly to their homes.

On whether this move threatens wholesalers’ business model, McNair said: “The ‘Enjoy Drinking More Water’ campaign from Robinsons will motivate consumers to enjoy drinking more water with the brand through high impact communications and in-store promotions, with 100,000 prizes to be won in-store through the Thirsty Fun Days promotion.

“Wholesalers will benefit from the visibility that the campaign is giving to the brand and should stock up to ensure retailers will be able to secure winning Robinsons packs for their shoppers.”


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