RNF offering free app to wholesalers

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Wholesale digital solutions provider RNF is offering free ordering apps to wholesalers in order to lighten the impact of the coronavirus on the wholesale channel.

The company, which already works with more than 30 wholesalers, is offering foodservice wholesalers the chance to set up their own fully-branded, online-ordering service within days.

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Rob Mannion, founder and managing director, says: “We’ve seen a huge surge in demand for digital solutions in the current climate and new technology means we can now get wholesalers on line in double quick time. The free app offers full ordering capabilities such as unlimited lines, unlimited orders and unlimited order categories to get wholesalers up and running, while those who wish to can then opt in to access certain premium features, such as in-app payment, in-app advertising and barcode scanning.”

The app is primarily aimed at business-to-wholesaler orders but can also be adapted to support business-to-consumer services.

Mannion continued: “As the impact of coronavirus has made itself felt across the industry, we’ve seen growing creativity within our customer base. For example, one wholesaler visited a shop that had sold out of pasta while he knew he had 10kg of pasta in his warehouse.

“As a hospitality-focused wholesaler – an industry that is struggling right now – he decided there was nothing to stop him selling to residents in the area instead. They’re now marketing direct to consumers, processing orders and payments through the app and offering delivery services too,” he added.

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