Martyn Fisher talks to James Middleton, channel director for impulse at Pernod Ricard UK, discovering the key gin trends and how you can capitalise on them

Martyn Fisher: What are Pernod Ricard UK’s key gin products?

James Middleton: Growth within the gin category is being driven by the continued appetite for premium offerings, with premium gin growing at 62.4%. Our strong portfolio of leading brands includes Beefeater and Plymouth Gin, which are perfectly positioned to continue driving this growth using two main tactics: recruiting new shoppers and encouraging trade up.

Despite the soar in popularity in the UK, recruitment still has a big role to play in the future growth of the category. To support this, we recently introduced Beefeater Pink and Plymouth Fruit Cup to appeal to those who may have previously shied away from the strong juniper flavours in a traditional gin.

What are the key trends in gin that wholesalers need to be aware of?

The explosion of gin in the UK has driven shopper awareness of a wide range of serves, which can be attributed to a willingness to experiment and discover new flavours within the gin category.

There are three key factors considered by consumers when choosing a gin. Firstly, its visual appeal, as gin drinkers ‘drink with their eyes’ and are looking for serves that can be photographed and posted on social media. Second is the category’s sense of playfulness, using colours, garnishes and glassware to provide new drinking experiences. And finally, consumers are looking for premium but unpretentious drinks from accessible brands that are affordable whilst remaining ‘cool’.


Percentage at which premium gin is growing

With so much choice, how can wholesalers ensure they are stocking the right gin?

We believe wholesalers should offer three types of gin: those that drive recruitment, such as Beefeater Pink and Plymouth Fruit Cup; those that provide a high-quality, premium gin suitable for everyday moments, such as Beefeater Dry; and a wide range of premium-plus gins consumers can trade up to for special occasions, weekends and gifting, such as Beefeater 24, Plymouth Gin and Plymouth Sloe Gin.

How is Pernod Ricard UK helping wholesalers boost gin sales?

We are deploying a portfolio activation that utilises fresh and visually-impactful imagery across all channels to drive sales and provide inspiration. Pallet display units are available to wholesalers, in-store merchandising and point-of-sale items will be offered to retailers, and a mix of online and proximity advertising will drive consumers in-store during the summer season.

What will be Pernod Ricard UK’s key moves on gin in the next 12 months?

All of our activity is designed to encourage consumers to think and drink beyond their usual G&T by inspiring them to experiment and find their own personal signature serve. This will allow us to demonstrate the versatility of our gins, helping consumers create professional-quality serves at home time and time again. Stay tuned!

Beefeater Pink

Fast Facts

Beefeater Pink fuses natural strawberry flavour, citrus and juniper botanicals for a delicate, refreshing gin. It is designed to capture the attention of those wanting to stand out from the crowd and enjoy something new.


Plymouth Fruit Cup is a highly visible and desirable fruit punch offering an alternative serve from a recognisable brand, giving friends and family an exciting new summer offering that is easy to recreate and show-off with at home.


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