Mondelez is choc-a-bloc with plans for 2017

susan nash

Better Wholesaling spoke to trade communications manager Susan Nash about Mondelez’s new products, promotions and plans for 2017.

BW: How has Mondelez helped wholesalers grow sales in the past 12 months?

SN: We committed to helping wholesalers drive their sales across our snack brands. This included innovation and investment in developing new products, high-profile media campaigns, exciting point-of-sale material and advice on how to make the most of displays in-depot. We have maintained our commitment to assisting wholesalers, with a team of business development executives who spent more than 30,000 hours in-depot and in-store last year, helping with display and helping to drive sales. We also have an in-depot selling team who upsell a range of products to visitors in depots throughout the UK.

BW: What is the greatest challenge the industry faces?

SN: Whilst there is talk of uncertainty, we believe it is important to stay focused on things within our control. This includes developing fantastic new products that continue to meet consumers’ needs, and helping depots to inspire customers by providing advice and materials to create impactful displays.

BW: What trends and opportunities can customers can take advantage of?

SN: By offering a broad range of snacks, wholesalers can help retailers give their shoppers wider variety, which helps them meet a range of consumer needs. Health and wellness continues to be an important trend, and Ritz Crisp & in caters to this by offering a lighter bite than traditional crisps. We also know that consumers are leading increasingly busy lives, and BelVita Breakfast biscuits meet the demand for a convenient breakfast on the move. We will continue to support these brands over the next 12 months.

BW: What challenges has Mondelez overcome this past year?

SN: We have been focusing on helping wholesalers to provide retailers with great category advice for their customers. We know that the depot is a great environment for retailers to pick up information on best practice and this is something we want to continue to deliver.

BW: What is Mondelez’s greatest achievement this past year?

SN: We have introduced exciting new products and created fantastic depot displays. In confectionery, we focused on two brands, Cadbury Crunchie and Cadbury Double Decker, alongside marketing activity to help drive singles sales. Maynards and Bassetts joined forces in February and launched new products, before returning to TV with its largest campaign in 20 years. Trebor Mighties was introduced to the market – a brand new, sugar-free mint in a handy, on-the-go format.

BW: What advice would you give wholesalers looking to grow sales in chocolate and candy over the next 12 months?

SN: Seasonal opportunities provide an excellent way to inspire shoppers and drive sales. We recommend creating a calendar with a monthly focus for rotating displays, including traditional celebrations such as Easter and Shrove Tuesday.

BW: What would you like to see happening in wholesale in the next 12 months?

SN: We are looking forward to seeing more exciting in-depot activation. We have some great new products, media campaigns and promotions in the pipeline, so wholesalers should take advantage of these where possible.

BW: What activity should wholesalers be aware of?

SN: We recently introduced Oreo Thins, which will be supported by a £3m marketing spend. Cadbury Creme Egg also has some exciting news, with the return of the popular Gooless promotion and depot ‘shelfie’ competition.


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