JJ launches two new features as part of wider technology strategy

JJ Foodservice has revealed a Shopping List feature for its website and app, as well as also giving customers access to a wider range of premium fresh products with the launch of JJ Advance Order for goods that are handpicked for customers and arrive at JJ once they have been ordered and paid for.

Chief technology officer, Mick Dudley, said, “With the cost of living increasing, planning menus and budgets more carefully has become even more important. The Shopping Lists feature allows you to create, save and edit shopping lists in advance, then add them to your basket when you are ready to place the order.

“The new feature is particularly handy for caterers who need to place different orders on different days. “A restaurant might need a top up of fresh fruit and vegetables mid-week then a bigger order of drinks, meats and poultry ahead of the weekend,” he added.

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Meanwhile, talking about the Advance Order feature, chief product officer, Sezer Ozkul, said, “It’s fantastic news and means we can offer new premium items, including individually-portioned premium steaks and locally-sourced fruits and vegetables, with no limit on how far we can expand.”

Better Wholesaling also recently spoke to JJ head of Operations Sedat Kaan Hendekli about the company’s growing use of technology, including these two new features: “Many companies are pursuing large-scale changes in their industries in order to take advantage of digital technologies. Some are doing this to stay ahead of their competitors, while others are simply trying to keep up. To be successful in today’s rapidly changing world, organisations will need to be constantly innovative, keep up with technological and industry changes, and be more resilient, he said.

“Legacy IT systems can be inflexible and costly to maintain, while modern systems are more flexible and can save money. This can allow for more resources to be put towards innovative projects. In consumer-oriented industries such as ours, digital transformation is helping companies capitalise on new growth opportunities and create entirely new customer relationships.”

Hendekli then added that JJ is constantly evolving its operations around its strong digital presence: “At the moment we are in the process of moving our entire IT systems to the cloud, using machine learning to enhance customer experiences with data driven insights, we have recently redesigned our website and mobile app, made our warehouses and picking operations paperless and always on the look out of new innovations to offer our customers.Uncertainty and change are always a part of business, so is the need of setting yourself apart from the competition by running a digitally led operations.”

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