Henderson installs voice picking system

Henderson Foodservice has upgraded its existing voice picking system, with the company claiming that this will increase throughput and productivity, as well as shortening its delivery times.

The company faced a range of supply chain optimisation issues before it began working with Zetes in 2006 to digitalise manual warehouse processes and implement ZetesMedea Voice into its chilled warehouse.

Philip Mehaffey, head of logistics at Henderson Group, said: “Through several years of successful collaboration, Henderson has achieved real-time control and visibility of all supply chain processes, from goods receipt to picking to the final arrival of groceries in stores. The use of Zetes’ solutions has not only delivered a rapid return on investment, but also significant efficiency gains in terms of reduced error rates and greater operational efficiencies. So, when it was time to upgrade our existing voice solution, we once again partnered with Zetes.”

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Investing in advanced Voice technology is said to enable Henderson to secure the responsiveness of its warehouse transactions and ensure that the team always deliver exceptional levels of customer service. The updated ZetesMedea Voice solution brings many value-added functionalities such as, remote view access, which implies that the user can share screen with the remote warehouse management team.

This is said to give the back office full operational control and real-time access to a wealth of data, including tasks, productivity, and order status in one central place. In addition, with the dialog viewer feature, warehouse supervisor can track and view workflows and ongoing tasks, proving real-time visibility of performance. Should errors occur, the management can make changes straightaway and avoid disruption. With all the upgraded features, Henderson can easily access and monitor performance intelligence reports and track critical operational KPI’s in real-time.

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