Heineken extends Strongbow Cloudy Apple into off-trade

strongbow cloudy apple

Strongbow is extending its new premium cider, Strongbow Cloudy Apple, into the off-trade this August.

The new variant takes inspiration from the traditional world of cloudy cider, and is aimed at drinkers in their late 20s and 30s.

Martin Porter, Heineken’s Managing Director – Off-Trade, said: “Strongbow plays a key role in growing the cider category by tapping into existing trends, making them accessible to the mainstream market and increasing sales for retailers. For Strongbow Cloudy Apple, we’re giving traditional cloudy cider a modern twist, bringing our customers another new and exciting cider which responds to changing consumer tastes. We are already seeing strong performance in the on-trade, and we’re confident that this great tasting liquid is going to fly off the shelves.”

Strongbow Cloudy Apple will be priced in line with Strongbow Dark Fruit and will be available in three SKUs to appeal to target consumers for different occasions:

  • A 500ml glass bottle to encourage trial amongst experimental consumers who are always on the lookout for new and innovative products
  • A 10 x 440ml can pack to appeal to ‘savvy’ shopper types who look for good value for money
  • A 4x 440ml can pack to appeal to consumers looking for a premium drink to share with friends at home
  • A 4x 500ml price-marked pack for the convenience channel to appeal to price-conscious consumers who look for value for money

The launch will be supported by an £8m multi-channel ATL campaign across TV, outdoor, video, mobile and social. There will also be a £1m national sampling campaign, aiming to bring approximately 700,000 samples to consumers in high footfall locations such as public events, transport hubs and city centres.



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