How to capitalise on the surge in popularity of functional drinks

Martyn Fisher looks at the surge in popularity of functional drinks, which appeal to those looking for added benefits from their beverages

Functional drinks are growing in popularity, and suppliers Arla Foods and Grace Foods have responded to this trend accordingly.

Arla Foods manufactures, distributes and markets in Europe on behalf of Starbucks, the brand behind the UK’s number-one chilled coffee and which has added two new variants to its bestselling Doubleshot Espresso range.

New Starbucks Doubleshot No Added Sugar and Doubleshot Espresso Black, which is served without milk, make it easier than ever for coffee lovers to enjoy a delicious energy boost whenever and wherever they are.

Made with 100% Fairtrade arabica coffee beans, the ready-to-drink Doubleshot Espresso will be available in convenient 200ml cans, feature a bold and eye-catching design, and be strapped with a brand that resonates with consumers.

Rebecca Kemp, senior marketing manager for Starbucks EMEA, says: “The Doubleshot Espresso has proven popular with customers since launching in 2012. It has a bolder taste, with two shots of Starbucks espresso roast in every drink, and delivers an energy boost that will get you through your day.”

Michael Lomas, commercial marketing manager at Arla Foods, adds: “We plan to make 2018 a huge year for Starbucks Doubleshot in the UK. We will be launching two new products and we will be supporting them with a through-the-line campaign worth £2m. The Starbucks range delivered an incremental £6.7m value into the category over the past 52 weeks, with Doubleshot being the fastest-growing SKU [stock-keeping unit] within the range.”

Grace Foods UK, meanwhile, has worked to meet the growing consumer demand for healthier, on-the-go products with the launch of Nurishment Mojo, the UK’s first range of multivitamin milkshakes, which is marketed with the strapline, ‘The perfect pick me up’.

Launching this month, 330ml Nurishment Mojo comprises three flavours: Strawberry, Chocolate Brownie and La La Latte.

“We know that millions of shoppers are looking for healthier milkshakes and almost half (46%) of adults take multivitamin tablets either daily or occasionally,” says Nimal Amitirigala, global category manager for beverages at GraceKennedy, the owner of Grace Foods UK.

He adds: “Nurishment Mojo is breaking new ground in functional milks. It fills a taste and health gap in the chilled dairy aisle by offering consumers a multivitamin milkshake, enabling them to top up on vitamins and minerals while enjoying a great-tasting, refreshing drink.”

You are well advised to look to both products to give your functional drinks range a boost.


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