Fleet manager guide helping wholesalers improve safety

Brigade Electronics has released a new Fleet Managers’ Guide to assist wholesalers in improving the efficiency and safety of their fleets.

With the current driver shortage and the effects of Brexit, the free handbook recognises that efficiency has never been more crucial for fleet managers.

The guide offers technology-driven solutions for businesses that are looking to cut costs while prioritising safety standards.

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Solutions include onboard CCTV cameras and recording systems which can be linked to cloud services. When linked to a cloud, CCTV footage can be viewed remotely in real-time or downloaded.

The use of cameras allows incidents of theft, vandalism, or fraudulent claims to be captured instantly.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, 70 people are killed and 2,000 are seriously injured every year in accidents involving vehicles in and around workplaces.

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Using onboard cameras can eliminate the blind spots of drivers, with the potential to lower insurance costs and save lives. CCTV can also be used to monitor driver behaviour to ensure the safety of the driver and other road users.

Marketing manager of Brigade Electronics UK, Emily Hardy commented, “Brexit and the pandemic have put fleet managers under pressure like never before, and the immediate issues of driver shortages and EU paperwork are a huge drain on managers’ time.

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“We appreciate it can be challenging to research the many different system upgrades available on the market today. Our guide details the various problems that need addressing and explains how they can be mitigated. We’ve also included real-world scenarios and details of recent research on the impact of safety upgrades.”

“It’s clear that vehicle camera systems should always be considered in the drive towards safer fleets,” added Hardy.

“Technology should be embraced as an opportunity for risk reduction and lower costs. We hope our Fleet Managers’ Guide will be a useful free resource for any company considering investment in this area.”



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