Ferrero prepared for second wave as it launches seasonal portfolio

Ferrero believes it is better prepared to manage a second wave and resulting lockdown if it were to occur, as it launches its range of new products across its seasonal Christmas 2020 portfolio.

“We have robust global supply chain processes, therefore, at the moment, we are committed to guarantee our usual presence on the market. We are focused on managing the constant evolution of this unexpected situation, and adapting our actions accordingly,” explains Levi Boorer, customer development director at Ferrero.

Part of a £3m total investment, Ferrero range of new products includes novelties, figures and boxed chocolates and is part of a total £3m investment.

“Christmas is always an important point in the calendar for the confectionery industry, presenting a great opportunity for shoppers to enjoy the festive spirit,” adds Borrer. “It’s important therefore that we offer the right products that meet the different shopper missions and needs, and will help retailers to grow their sales during this period.”

What has Ferrero been up to in the wholesale channel?

“A strong core range is key during the Christmas period, as many shoppers love Ferrero products all year round. In addition to the popular established lines, we have been developing a number of new products to offer for Christmas 2020. Innovation is always important in generating excitement in the category, so we believe that the combination of our best-selling all-year-round products with new seasonal launches will help to excite shoppers over the festive period.

“Despite the recent challenges we have all faced, Christmas remains a time for families to celebrate. We’re optimistic that we can still deliver the same levels of emotional engagement in the shopping moment – regardless of how and where the celebrations take place this year. We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation, ensuring our festive plans are in tune with the situation.”

The full Christmas range is as follows:

Thorntons Classic Collection
–        150g     – RRP £4.00
–        262g     – RRP £6.50
–        449g     – RRP £10.00
Thorntons Continental Collection
–        142g    – RRP £5.50
–        284g    – RRP £9.68
Thorntons Continental Winter Markets (278g) – RRP £9.68
Ferrero Collection Advent Calendar (271g) – RRP £14
Kinder Surprise 100g Egg – RRP £6.35
Kinder Surprise 220g Egg – RRP £12.00
Kinder 36g Figure RRP – £1.89
Kinder 75g Santa – RRP £3.03
Kinder 55g Santa – RRP £1.50
Kinder 110g Santa – RRP £2.50
Kinder Fluffy Toy range (Sloth) 73g – RRP £7.51
Kinder Fluffy Toy range (Squirrel) 73g – RRP £7.51
Kinder Advent Calendar (135g) – RRP £5.65
Nutella Jar (200g) – RRP £1.75
Nutella Jar (400g) – RRP £2.89
Nutella Jar (750g) – RRP £4.83
Nutella Jar (1kg) – RRP £5.61

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