Fairtrade sales rise for the first time since 2013

Shou-Hui Wang: Flickr

Sales of Fairtrade products in the UK rose 2% last year to more than £1.6bn.

The growth was spearheaded by an 8% rise in sales of coffee and a 6% increase in banana sales. Overall, it is the first time Fairtrade sales have grown in the UK since 2013.

However, the Fairtrade Foundation has warned that more than 50 international trade deals will have to be renegotiated as a result of the UK leaving the EU.

At the start of Fairtrade Fortnight, which runs to 12 March, the Foundation revealed the findings of a survey of 2,000 Brits questioned about their shopping habits.

It found that one in five never thought about whether food had been produced in exploitative conditions, but three-quarters of those surveyed said that they were aware of the positive change that buying-ethically sourced goods could bring to communities in the developing world.


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