Doritos unveils partnership with Xbox

The on-pack Xbox promotion

Doritos has unveiled a partnership with Microsoft’s Xbox, which offers shoppers the chance to win 70,000 Xbox prizes, including the fastest-selling pre-order games console in Xbox history, the Xbox One X.

This deal marks the first-ever on-pack promotion over the Christmas period for the PepsiCo brand, and shoppers can start winning from now through to 31 December.

The promotion will appear across Doritos sharing and single-serve packs, including the new Doritos Roulette with Tabasco Sauce and Doritos Heatburst variants.

Each promotional pack will contain a unique code, and during the promotional period, shoppers will be able to log on to the Doritos website and instantly see if they have won.

Will Robinson, brand manager of Doritos, says: “The Doritos brand is truly ‘For The Bold’, and so we are thrilled to tie up with Xbox as they are not only relevant with the Doritos target audience, but it is also a fun and bold brand. We believe snacks should be as fun as they are flavourful, and our on-pack promotion emphasises this.

“With sharing bags responsible for one-fifth of all savoury snacking occasions within the UK, and single-serve packs making up half of all crisp, savoury snack and nut sales, we have huge confidence that this promotion will drive sales.”

The launch of the Doritos and Xbox partnership will be accompanied by major in-store support, as well as a powerful social media campaign and four weekend takeovers across the Xbox homepage.


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