The Whole Sale Company launches data tool Alchemy

Cloud-based reporting tool Alchemy has been launched by The Whole Sale Company to give FMCG suppliers on-the-go access to wholesalers’ sales-out data.

heat-mapMike McGee, who is managing director of The Whole Sale Company, and a regular Better Wholesaling technology contributor, said: “The explosion in the availability of sales-out data is largely a good thing but suppliers have been left with the problem of how to manage it.

“Data comes in multiple formats and it’s extremely difficult to achieve consistent views and to have a clear view of total sales.”

Alchemy solves this problem by enabling suppliers to easily upload wholesale data and have access to high-impact, visual reports, which cover key performance indicators.

‘Heat maps’ identify underperforming regions, while depot scorecards highlight opportunity by branch. Suppliers also have access to reports that summarise 13 week, year-to-date, and moving-annual-totals.

The tool can be accessed on a PC or on the go with mobile phones and tablets via the Alchemy mobile app, developed to suit the on-the-go lifestyle of field sales people.

“Instant access to key facts and figures will ensure that sales-out data is quoted more and becomes a key component of the trading dialogue,” said McGee. “By doing this we increase the value of the data being purchased and its overall benefit to suppliers,” he added.



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