Caterforce increases responsibility focus with changes to buying policy

NIck Redford at Caterforce on the buying group's sustainability plans

Caterforce is making changes to its buying policy next year to offer to its wholesale customers more environmentally friendly and socially responsible supplies.

The foodservice buying group will make a number of changes to ingredients, animal welfare, plastic and palm oil. It has already removed palm oil from a number of its own-label Chefs’ Selections products and is working with suppliers to reduce the volume of plastic packaging it uses.

Nick Redford, Managing Director of Caterforce, said: “In 2019, we’ll be placing huge emphasis on offering members, suppliers and customers more than just products. As a group, we are in a strong position to be able to make real change. We know we can utilise our business model to ensure positive steps are taken throughout the network, resulting in a big impact across the food service industry.”

Alongside its focus on sustainability, Redford said Caterforce is collaborating with its suppliers on reformulating products to reduce fats and salt, and focusing on dietary requirements and allergens.

“We’re conscious of the need for various products that address dietary needs as well as the growing demand for healthy, alternative foods,” he added.

“We have an experienced technical and product development team who are working to guarantee taste and quality across all new product development, and in line with what our members and customers need.”

Earlier this month, JJ Food Service called for caterers to be more environmentally friendly by adapting to eating habits.

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