Birchall launches order platform for customers

Birchall Foodservice launched an e-commerce platform for chefs and caterers called OrderMate. The wholesaler believes that the platform will benefit caterers as it offers order flexibility and menu planning.

The platform includes basic features such as simple online ordering, favourites and order history. However, Birchall has included some more modern features such as instant chat with a telesales partner, and the ability to filter down your searches by live allergen, nutritional and dietary information.

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David Heaven, catering manager at Burnley College commented, “OrderMate is a game-changer that puts Birchall Foodservice ahead of the competition. I can place orders wherever I like, whenever I like, whether that’s in my stores or chillers, or when I’m sat on the sofa at home.

“The ability to chat with my telesales partner is great too. It’s meant we haven’t lost that connection. OrderMate has saved me so much time with menus costings, stock takes and ordering.”

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Sales director at Birchall Foodservice, Louise Birchall, said: “We understand the challenges chefs face on a day-to-day basis, from catering for those with allergens and intolerances to dealing with skills and people shortages. We wanted to create a tool for chefs that makes those challenges less daunting. And we believe OrderMate is just that.”


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