Birchall introduces in-house Covid testing framework


Birchall Foodservice has introduced a rapid coronavirus testing process for its workforce, with hundreds of tests taking place every three to five days.

The first round of testing was supervised by the army, and all subsequent tests will now be administered by a trained in-house taskforce with results available within 30 minutes.

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If a Birchall employee tests positive, they must immediately book an NHS test at a local testing site and then self-isolate at home until the results of the test are released.

Louise Birchall, sales director at Birchall Foodservice said: “The introduction of rapid testing allows us to quickly identify asymptomatic cases of Coronavirus within the business. By isolating these cases, we can stop any potential spread of Covid and help protect our employees, their families and our customers. We are encouraging all businesses, no matter the size, to introduce frequent, rapid testing amongst their workforce.”

The Burnley-based wholesaler has put in place a number of safety procedures and policies throughout the pandemic, including non-contact deliveries to their customers across the care, education and hospitality sectors, prohibiting all non-essential visits to the premises, and strict social distancing in the office space.

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