Bidfood announces support plans for plastic ban

Bidfood has released a ‘Plastic Ban’ guide suggesting the alternative products their customers can switch to ahead of the ban on single-use plastic on 1st October 2023.

In addition to this, Bidfood’s Catering Supplies will provide further support through a series of blogs and a dedicated webpage where readers can find top-line information regarding the ban and access to their support materials.

It’s estimated that England uses a 2.7bn items of single-use cutlery, most of which are plastic, and 721m single-use plates per year, with only 10% getting recycled.[1]These single-use items, as well as certain polystyrene cups and food-to-go containers, will be included in the ban, meaning they cannot be purchased from any business.

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Michaela Bateman, category & marketing manager for catering supplies at Bidfood said: “The upcoming plastic ban needn’t feel like a big change for our customers as we have already been working in the background to present them with some great alternatives.

“It’s our passion to support our customers with products that have a sustainable end-of-life solution that drives us as a team. Introducing a new generation of packaging like Notpla’s seaweed-lined boxes and Vegware’s paper cutlery will help them phase out unnecessary plastics.

“While the ban means the end of single-use plastics, we really want our guide to highlight the good, recyclable plastics too. As always, we want to provide a product that’s fit for purpose and with a guaranteed waste stream.

“There is a lot more work to do in the packaging world, but clearly legislation centred on sustainability is encouraging innovation and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for packaging and kitchen supplies.”

For more help, tips and support on the single-use plastic ban, please visit:

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