Bestway announces latest restructure of field teams

Hollis Bestway

Bestway has announced the restructuring of its field-based operations team that works with the group’s symbol retailers.

The change is the next step in the wholesaler’s plan to combine convenience, franchise, company-owned and new business functions under one Bestway Retail team.

The current Best-one and Costcutter field-based colleagues will combine to create the new team, which will provide structured support to the group’s 2,544 convenience stores.

Dedicated business development managers will give experienced retail support and will focus on establishing joint business strategies with symbol retailers to help them grow their businesses and increase sales and margins.

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Bestway retail director Mike Hollis said: “Our teams have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to harness the scale, talent and expertise across our newly combined convenience business.

“Bringing together our teams is an important step in delivering our ambitious growth plans for both Bestway and our retailers.

“This also paves the way for us to deliver new initiatives for our retailers in the future and also enables us to extend to all our symbol retailers, some of the existing high calibre support we provide, such as access to our specialist store development team.

“Providing targeted support that adds real value for retailers is a key element in the breadth of our offer and means that we are a genuine force in the market which can now meet the needs of any retailer.”

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Head of symbol fascia Paul Adams will lead the field-based team, with Jamie Davison leading and the New Business and Store Development team. The new Central Operations team will be led by Frankie Haynes, providing additional support to the field teams.

Hollis added: “As we refine our service proposition drawing off our immense 45-year heritage in wholesale and responding to retailer needs across the UK, there will be more good news to come.

“The market is changing fast alongside changing consumer behaviours, and we are constantly looking ahead to shape our service and lead into the future.”


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