b2b.store launches platform in Mexico

b2b.store has launched its first e-commerce platform in Mexico for a wholesaler that supplies to stores across the country.

PRITI, which wholelsalers to thousands of family-run corner shops, known as ‘Mom and Pop stores’, across Mexico, also holds exclusive rights for the wholesale distribution of Corona in Mexico and also supplies a variety of food, drink and homewares to the local community. ‘Mom and Pop’ stores allow customers to buy in smaller quantities and are responsible for half of all grocery sales across the country.

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Emmanuel Castro, owner of PRITI, said: “We’re incredibly pleased with the e-commerce platform created by b2b.store. In Mexico, B2B hasn’t really adopted e-commerce and many store owners have low literacy levels or lack access to finance and best practice. Our e-commerce platform allows us to help store owners communicate more effectively with their customers, as well as offering new services, such as online ordering and delivery.

“We now have ninety repeat clients ordering via e-commerce and have just launched a special delivery truck for online orders only.

“Since we launched the platform, confidence in using the technology has only grown – helped in no small part by the fact the b2b.store team arranged for it to be translated into our customers’ language. Just five months ago, I’d have said 9 out of 10 customers we spoke to were hesitant about adopting a digital platform but now we have well over half who are keen to do so.

“We have seen month-on-month usage growth of 12% since launching the e-commerce platform, along with a 66% increase in sales quarter on quarter. This initial success means there is no going back as we move into the digital world. We already have plans in place to expand our product lines and roll out a variety of features over the coming months that will help drive growth across the business.”

Rob Mannion, founder and CEO of b2b.store, added: “We’re delighted to have developed our first South American site, which has been trading extremely well since its launch.


“We were approached by Emmanuel several months ago after he read an article about b2b.store’s offer. He felt e-commerce could help these smaller convenience stores create a more efficient offer for their customers, equipping them to take on the might of multinational stores and the challenges presented by online retailing.

“Having discussed their requirements, we agreed that we needed to create a platform specifically for the Mexican market – translating the whole front and back-end of the platform using a specialist translation agency and incorporating local product information, pricing and payment methods.

“We’re delighted it has been well received among PRITI’s customer base and are now working on upgrades to enhance the customer experience still further.”

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