b2b.store launches e-commerce self service software for wholesalers

b2b.store has launched a self-service that allows wholesalers to create their own e-commerce store, utilising its existing platform.

The self-service feature is available with the Free, Starter, Growth, and Accelerator licence levels from b2b.store. Wholesalers have the option to upgrade to subscription services as needed.

Users can select a dedicated b2b.store domain name and use the use set up wizard to create their own specialised e-commerce environment.

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Founder and chief executive officer of b2b.store, Rob Mannion, said: “When we speak to potential customers, one of the most frequently cited reasons for not selling online, or maybe for not maximising their existing digital channel, is often a lack of awareness of the e-commerce strategies that are available in today’s fast-moving world.

“By creating a self-service set-up function for b2b.store, we’re removing this barrier by helping wholesalers get online easily or providing a slick mechanism allowing them to evaluate the product quickly with zero outlay”.

Wholesalers can use the set up wizard to help them create their digital store, including adding pricing information, categories, and product photos.

Customers of b2b.store can also take advantage of personalised customer promotions, Google Analytics integration, and the opportunity to offer repeat ordering and favourite features.

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Mannion added: “Once the initial set up is complete, wholesalers are free to theme their store and enable an extensive range of features. The platform has evolved quickly since its launch in March 2020 and new premium features on top of the core product include live customer chat, sales rep / BDM features and powerful digital marketing tools.

“Our aim is to make it as simple as possible for wholesalers to take that initial step to get their business online and experience all the benefits digital wholesaling can bring to their business.

“It’s a risk-free approach and, crucially, one that allows customers to trial different features in a flexible manner, tailoring the platform to suit their needs but using the same system architecture as our enterprise offer, which will allow their e-commerce store to evolve and grow alongside their business.”


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