App platform offering ‘Amazon-style sales experience’ to wholesalers

A new customisable off the shelf app platform has been launched that is claimed to offer wholesalers an ‘Amazon-style’ sales experience.

Tech provider DueTrade says that wholesalers can now use its app-building service to make their product ranges more accessible without the costs associated with developing a bespoke app.

The company also claims that it will help wholesalers to increase trade orders, enhance customer relationships and save time on inbound enquiries. Customers are updated in real-time with the latest offers and promotions, while the app can be customised with bespoke branding to strengthen brand awareness and ensure each app looks cutting edge.

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Henry Dewing, founder and director at DueTrade said: “Digital commerce is rapidly becoming the preferred way for buyers to complete B2B purchases and customers are increasingly expecting a ‘consumer-style’ sales experience when buying from wholesalers. That said, developing a totally bespoke app can cost anywhere between £35,000 – £100,000, which makes it an impossible investment for many in the industry.

“We have launched our ‘Off The Shelf’ service to make sales apps accessible for businesses of all sizes. This white-label option costs a fraction of the price compared to a bespoke app, but still allows suppliers the opportunity to put themselves in their customers’ back pockets. Companies that invest in this technology will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace by being able to transact faster, increase revenue and manage their portfolios online,” he added.

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