B2B.Store’s Open Banking solution hits 3,000 monthly transactions

B2B.Store’s open banking solution has hit more than 3,000 monthly transactions, with the payment method making it easier for customers to pay using the technology.

Due to the ongoing development, wholesalers can now offer B2B Open Banking payment options in-depot, on delivery or in the field via a sales rep, and by telesales staff when talking to customers on the phone.

“We’re constantly adding new features to our B2B Open Banking solution to make sure our service is tailored to a wide variety of wholesalers’ needs,” said b2b.store chief executive Rob Mannion. “We know that businesses all work in different ways, so we work closely with wholesalers to figure out the most effective places for open banking to be used, and provide additional support to help with implementation and encourage their customers to regularly pay with open banking.

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“That means we have to be constantly innovating and listening to customer feedback, which is reflected in the development of our product – and it’s clearly working because the number of transactions keep going up. Open banking is only going to become more commonly used in all industries in the future, so the time is now for wholesalers to get in on the party,” he added.

“The sooner wholesalers can have open banking up and running across their business, the sooner they’ll be making savings, and they’ll ensure they’re not caught behind the trend as open banking grows further.”

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