An introduction to…Dragon Energy


What is Dragon Energy?
Dragon Energy is a carbonated fruit flavoured energy drink and a global energy brand, that first launched in South Africa ten years ago. It has grown rapidly to become South Africa’s No 1 brand and a firm favourite with consumers because of its great taste, competitive price point and brand appeal.

Supporting UK retailers
Today’s consumer is savvy and understands value and this will become even more evident post-Covid. Dragon Energy is available in both standard & sugar free formats, with the 250ml priced at 59p and 500ml at 89p. This allows the wholesaler the chance to offer its retailers a product that delivers market leading cash margins and strong POR%.

The Brand
With its premium cues of a matt finish, coloured tabs and ends, together with subtle iconography, we can attract consumers with the full package, but also inform them of the benefits of Dragon Energy, including:
·       Immune Support          Contains B Vits (B3, B5, B6, B12)
·       Power                          Supporting mental and physical performance*
·       Aluminium Can             Recycles forever
·       Proudly British             Made in the UK
*Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin B6 and B12, contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, and to normal energy-yielding metabolism

Why should I list it?
·       A genuinely eye-catching design and feel that draws the consumer into a great offering
·       Market leading cash margins and POR’s for the wholesaler & retailer
·       Dragon Energy captures consumers trading both up and down
·       Credible value alternative to recognised brands on taste and appeal
·       Premium look & feel, combined with a great-tasting product
Where can I find it?
·       We have agreed a first to market PMP Exclusive for the Unitas buying group membership, during April & May 2021.
·       Our standard packs are also available on Amazon, helping drive consumer trial.

Supplier Viewpoint, Lee Fretwell, head of sales & marketing, Kingsley Beverages:
“We are excited to launch the Dragon Energy brand into the UK market, following its tremendous success elsewhere. Consumers are increasingly looking for genuine alternatives to existing brands, but at a sensible price. With our premium offering & competitive RSPs on shelf, the power is yours”

Wholesaler Viewpoint, Ashleigh Ritchie, Trading Controller, Unitas Wholesale:
“We at Unitas see Dragon Energy as a disruptor within the already crowded energy market place, something we see that should set it apart from other recent new entrants. The PMP 89p on the 500ml is an eight week exclusive to Unitas and a market leading deal. The consumer is looking for great quality at a great price and we believe Dragon Energy ticks those boxes. This is definitely going to be a product to watch in 2021 and Unitas will be keen to see how this brand develops.”




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