66% increase in wholesale app use, data shows

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The first quarter of 2020 saw a 66% increase in total transactions using a wholesale app compared to the same period last year, along with an 84% increase in the total number of orders , according to new figures released by RNF.

This dramatic increase were taken from RNF’s Beam Commerce platform also show the average basket size up by 4% too, this represents a significant increase in value for what was already the industry’s only growing sales channel.

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Rob Mannion, managing director of RNF, said: “These figures show impressive digital sales growth across both retail and foodservice customers, with retail customers seeing a 63% uplift in total transitions and 75% increase in order numbers, while foodservice customers saw a huge 375% uplift in total transactions and 319% increase in order numbers.While some of this growth has been driven by operational changes caused by Covid-19, this did not really come into play until late March so the full impact is still to be realised.”

“It’s also pleasing to see that figures taken from our longest-established retail wholesalers continue to see strong growth. Here transactions are up 50% year on year, with the total number of orders up 43% and average basket values continuing to grow.  It’s clear that Covid-19 is causing real challenges across the sector but the Q1 figures suggest that mobile ordering apps could have a key role to play in helping wholesalers adapt business models to suit changing circumstances,” he added.

Mannion also pointed out that it’s been particularly pertinent for the foodservice sector, which has seen huge growth in app use during Q1 but which has also been hit hard by the pandemic. “On the one hand, this sector has seen most, if not all, of its customers close indefinitely but, on the other, adopting digital sales channels is a proven and effective way to reposition a business and engage with new customers.”

“For those wholesalers that find themselves with more time on their hands than usual, investing in collating the information needed to move their business online could be the smartest use of time.  When lockdown restrictions are eased  – if not lifted – over coming months, it will those that have successfully moved operations online that are likely to benefit first,” Mannion added.

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