Working Together Project: SBF GB&I & Parfetts

Paul Hill finds out how SBF GB&I are using promotions to help Parfetts build sales

Promotions have always proven to be important to the exposure of products in the wholesale channel and Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I (SBF GB&I) recently visited Parfetts in Stockport to check out a new promotion its Lucozade Energy brand has with Xbox.

“It’s really great to work with the likes of Parfetts to discuss the importance of going big on promo options to attract retailer attention and drive sales,” explained Adam Woodmansey, national account manager at SBF GB&I.

Jamie Ferguson, head of marketing at Parfetts, added: “We always learn a lot from our visits from SBF GB&I, which we’re then able to pass onto our Go Local retailers.”

Now worth £318m, the Lucozade Energy portfolio is already a high performer in the soft drinks category and the addition of an on-pack promotion increases this further, according to Ferguson: “Lucozade drinks are already performing really well here at Parfetts. It’s also great to introduce something like this into the depot to create a buzz around the place and excite both staff and customers.”

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Meanwhile, Elliot Sleath, national account manager at SBF GB&I, explained the choice of the gaming industry for this particular promotion: “Gaming is absolutely massive right now, with over two-thirds of people playing in the UK, and so targeting gamers is a big opportunity for the Lucozade brand. This partnership will allow retailers and wholesalers to take advantage of this opportunity as well, with the bottles transformed through limited-edition sleeves that will drive shoppers towards the packs. Every bottle has a guaranteed prize for shoppers to redeem, making it undoubtedly one of our biggest promotions yet.”

Sleath described how promoting partnerships such as this in cash and carries is key, with bespoke front of depot display being proven to lead to sales uplifts by 5%, “whilst a depot fixture relay can increase sales by a huge 91%! This shows the huge benefit of working together with our wholesale partners and helping them to become more successful in the soft drinks category.”

“It’s been great having SBF GB&I here in Stockport,” said Ferguson. “These types of exciting promotions are ones that our retailers and their customers love. Judging by the initial buzz in depot I can’t wait to hear how the Lucozade products continue to sell in stores and can’t wait to see what other promotions we’ll be running with them in the future.”

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Jamie Ferguson, Head of Marketing, Parfetts: We’re always more than happy to welcome the SBF GB&I team to Stockport, especially when there’s an exciting promotion taking place. It’s also good to learn about the wider category in general from them, which we’re then able to pass onto our Go Local retailers.

Adam Woodmansey, national account manager at SBF GB&I: Promoting in depot to retailers is hugely important, and massively beneficial to wholesalers. We have data from a recent takeover in one cash & carry which shows that we saw sales uplifts of more than 180% of Lucozade Energy drinks compared to the previous week

  • In-depot activation[i]
    ·      Data from a supplier takeover in one cash & carry saw a sales uplift on the brands featured (based on data from the previous week) of 183%
    ·      Bespoke front of depot display can lead to sales uplifts of 5%, based on data from a similar launch promotion without a front of depot display
    ·      POS increases depot sales by 2%
    ·      A depot fixture relay can increase sales by 91%
  • The Lucozade brand
    ·      733 bottles of Lucozade Energy are sold every minute.[ii]
    ·      The Lucozade Energy portfolio is now worth £318M[iii]
    ·      Lucozade Energy flavours alone are worth more than £10M[vii] in symbols and impulse[iv]

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[i] (all data from SBF GB&I Activation Uplift Report, 2021)
[ii] IRI Total Market 52wk 26.10.20 Litres converted to 500ml bottles
[iii] Nielsen, GB Total Market, YOY latest 52 weeks to 26.02.22
[iv] IRI S&I L52w 28.10.20 Sales Value


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