Working Together Project: JTI & Parfetts

Paul Hill finds out how JTI and Parfetts are working together to achieve consistent success in the wholesale channel

The wholesale channel has always played a huge role for JTI UK in its continued success as the UK’s leading tobacco manufacturer. The supplier recently paid a visit to Parfetts’ brand-new depot in Birmingham to raise awareness of one of its most trusted and well-known tobacco brands Benson & Hedges’ new limited-edition anniversary outers. The supplier was also on hand to offer advice on what wholesalers can do to really make the most of their tobacco rooms and maximise sales.

“It’s brilliant visiting our wholesale partners at modern premises such as this in Birmingham,” explained Victoria Reilly, JTI wholesale and convenience new business development manager. “We’re currently celebrating 150 years of Benson & Hedges, and couldn’t be prouder to have reached this extraordinary anniversary and still have such a successful brand that wholesalers can rely on to provide their retailers with great-quality cigarettes and rolling tobacco.”

“We’re always more than happy to work with JTI here in Birmingham to find out what’s going on with their brands. These partnerships with trusted suppliers are great for us and our retail customers,” added Mark Wright, Parfetts deputy general manager.

As existing adult smokers continue to look for more affordable options in the market, JTI has been busy innovating, particularly within the ultra-value segment, “where 58.7% of all sales volumes are currently in the value and ultra-value RMC and RYO sector1,” explained Reilly. Last year, JTI launched Benson & Hedges Blue Rolling into the ultra-value segment to provide wholesalers with what it calls high-quality value for existing adult smokers. They also recently repositioned Sovereign Blue’s RRP to align with its ultra-value offerings and introduced Mayfair Silver into the sector.

They went on to offer valuable insight on how wholesalers should stock their tobacco rooms for maximum sales, including their top tips:

“It’s been fantastic having JTI visit our new depot in Birmingham. We’ve managed to gain some valuable insight on how to maximise sales and I’m sure our tobacco room will continue to be a success with their help,” said Wright.

Projects such as this demonstrate how JTI is continually keeping wholesalers’ needs in mind. The company’s latest innovations tap into consumer demand for ultra-value, but also deliver on the promise of a brand consumers can trust.

“We’ve had a great day visiting Parfetts’ new depot here in the Midlands. JTI is always innovating and bringing new ideas to our wholesalers, and I’m confident we’ll be able to contribute to this depot’s future success,” concluded Reilly.

1Circana Market Place, Volume Share, Total RMC Value & Ultra Value and Total RYO/ MYO Combined, Total UK, Mar 2023
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