Women in Wholesale offers confidence coaching

Women in wholesale

Women in wholesale (WiW) is now offering confidence coaching to individuals and businesses working in the UK wholesale industry.

Qualified confidence coach and WiW chair, Clare Bocking, has already completed the sessions with two individuals, with the company now working on a format to up-scale the coaching to groups.

Emma Holden, marketing manager at Country Range, has already completed a session: “It’s so easy to move from one task to the next without really looking at where you want to be in five years’ time. The confidence coaching helped me to create a practical, actionable plan of how to focus on what I want and build my confidence in key areas – it was incredibly helpful and a totally unique experience.”

Fiona Spinks of EFG Foodservice also took part in a session: “I was quite nervous as I hadn’t had any coaching before, but I found the session really helpful and encouraging. People you don’t know can sometimes see things you are blind to, so it was useful to have support in identify the ways that I was holding myself back.”

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