Message from the editor: We live in a fast-moving world

craft beer

The pace of change since the May issue of Better Wholesaling has been breathtaking.

The Conservatives have been returned to government with a surprising majority and in the wholesaling sphere, Booker has made a dramatic play by agreeing a £40m deal for Musgrave’s Londis and Budgens symbol fascias.

thomas ridley
Rachel Summers of Thomas Ridley reveals the company’s plans to be the go-to venue for local foods in this month’s wholesaler spotlight.

What’s immediately clear from all this is that staying ahead of the curve is paramount and in this issue, we look at wholesalers that are doing just that. Having automated its warehouse picking operation, Suffolk foodservice specialist Thomas Ridley is now on the cusp of opening a regional distribution centre in Kent. It can also give each customer a breakdown of the allergens in every product they have bought over a certain period – something that will be increasingly important as new labelling regulations begin to bite into the catering industry.

One trend sweeping the alcohol category by storm is craft beer and it’s better wholesalingthose wholesalers already on board that are seeing the biggest gains. In this issue, we learn about the on-trade specialist that has seen its craft keg sales rapidly climb to 10% of total draught sales.

Finally, don’t underestimate the huge role suppliers are playing in shaping the future of the industry. I spoke to Coca-Cola Enterprises’ Simon Harrison about the thinking behind his company’s strategy to offer consumers choice.

I hope you enjoy the issue and that you take inspiration from the people in these pages adapting their businesses as the world around them changes.

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