Wholesalers must help to manage food waste

Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) has launched a waste management mobile app for caterers, to help reduce food waste by at least 5%.

At its United Against Waste event last week in London, Tracey Rogers, managing director at UFS said that food waste costs the UK £722 million every year and that up to 50% of the world’s food is being thrown away

In an exclusive interview with Better Wholesaling, she urged wholesalers to take food waste seriously. “It’s short-sighted to think that food waste is not your problem – it’s a consumer trend that your customers’ customer wants and if you don’t ride the wave, your caterers could go out of business.”

The app works by recording waste for breakfast, lunch and dinner over a three-day period. It quantifies the exact savings, down to the penny, that could potentially be made. The app also comes with pre-loaded ideas on how to reduce plate waste and spoilage.

Wholesalers are encouraged to share the app with catering customers and, according to Rogers, the tool will help to inspire customer loyalty. “Caterers will be impressed with the fact that their wholesaler is helping to save them money. The bottom line is that unless they help, these caterers may go out of business anyway.”

Learn how to grow business with pub customers in our Foodservice Focus cover story in the next issue of Better Wholesaling, out on July 4th. If you’re not getting your free copy, contact elit.rowland@newtrade.co.uk  



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