Wholesale & retail industry ranked highest for crime rate

Cash and carry robberies

The wholesale and retail industry is on the receiving end of the most crime out of any UK industry, according to research that analysed the percentage of businesses that were victims of one or more crimes in the past year, including fraud.

According to the money.co.uk business insurance team, more than two in every five companies (42%) reported being victims of crime within wholesale and retail.

Furthermore, in the overall ranking of the riskiest industries for UK workers, the wholesale and retail trade comes 7th with a score of 5.18/10. This is based on the number of workplace illnesses and injuries.

Alongside falling victim to the largest number of crimes, the wholesale & retail industry also ranks in the top 7 for the highest number of fatal injuries, with an average estimated incidence of 15.

The UK sectors with the highest rates of crime:

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