Wholesale industry scores low on employee benefits, research shows

The wholesale industry is at risk of falling behind its benefits offering to employees in comparison to other industries, research from an employee benefits index shows.

Carried out by equity management platform Vestd, the company used Indeed to search for 20 common benefits found in job descriptions and filtered the results by industry. They then took the resulting number of jobs listed and divided this by the total number of jobs currently listed in the UK on Indeed.

In order to create the overall ranking, Vestd gave each industry a weighted score out of 100, based on the percentage of jobs that had each benefit, and totalled up the scores to give a score out of 2,000. The higher the score, the better the benefits packages offered in that industry.

The retail and wholesale industry scored 345 out of 2000 in the index, with more work to do on offering a wider selection, the most commonly offered benefit in the industry was cycle to work after analysing over 25,799 job descriptions.

To view the complete research and index in full, please visit: 

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