Wholesale to be excluded from plain pack proposals

The Federation of Wholesale Distributors (FWD) has praised the Department of Health for excluding packaging not used for sale to the consumer from any standardised packaging requirements for tobacco products.

The announcement, made as the Government launches a second consultation on the adoption of plain packaging, means that boxes and packs which are not seen by the consumer will be able to carry brand names, pricing details, and clear information on the products within.

FWD has argued that packaging in the distribution chain cannot influence young people’s attitudes to smoking, as it is not seen by potential consumers, and that removing clear identification would cause expense, delay and confusion in a legitimate supply chain which already faces stiff competition from illicit traders.

FWD Chief Executive James Bielby said: “Packaging used in the supply chain before the point of sale cannot influence attitudes to smoking, as existing tobacco display rules mean that only tobacco traders can see these products in cash and carries.

“I’m very pleased that the Government has listened to us and made this provision, which will enable retailers to select the products their customers want with a minimum of disruption and delay, and make informed purchasing decisions about the brands they stock.”

More information at: www.fwd.co.uk 


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