Trio of wholesale firms sign up to TWC service

TWC development director Tom Fender.

TWC has agreed to partner with CJ Lang, Caterforce and Confex in the development and launch of its new sales data reporting service.

The data and digital specialist will be offering its users immediate and easy access to data and relevant insight to leverage mutual advantage and growth. The service is said to enable wholesalers and buying groups to work more strategically and effectively with suppliers, with the two data sets (wholesale shipment data and retail Epos data) sitting side by side on TWC’s dashboard and accessible anytime on any device.

Confex and TWC partner for sales data service

TWC development director Tom Fender said: “This visibility of data also enables effective forecasting and helps users identify emerging trends so they identify the ‘size of the prize’ and make quick decisions based on knowledge and fact – not hearsay.”

“You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or have a PHd in stats to use our reporting tool. We’ve designed it for busy execs on the go so they can access information at their finger-tips. It’s intuitive, cloud-based, and will help aid growth and upsell. The last six months have been hugely challenging for all businesses – but UK convenience stores, underpinned by a world class supply chain, have been a vital lifeline to communities,” he added.

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