The early bird

BW: What have been Boost Drinks’ main achievements in the past 12 months?

SG: The launch in January of Gloworm, our new mixer designed specifically for the on-trade. The range is a set of four premium mixers that have been selected to go with the biggest-selling spirits. Each is a hybrid of a traditional mixer and an energy drink, offering a low-caffeine drink with no taurine.

This is a new sector for us, so we have employed experts especially to help us get this just right.

What are the most influential trends in the on-trade market at the moment?

Premium spirits and cocktails are driving the market in high-end bars and hotels, and we have created Gloworm to tap into this trend. The 150ml size is also based on the serving size the trade has been asking for, so there’s no waste, as there often is with traditional mixers.

How have you worked with wholesalers to help grow their sales and improve service?

In the 12-month run-up to launching Gloworm, we carried out research with wholesalers and the on-trade, to make sure we were filling a gap in the market. By launching the drink exclusively to the on-trade, we are tapping into high profit potential for wholesalers.

We also targeted cities, such as London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Belfast and Newcastle, going directly to the right bars and hotels to launch Gloworm to help wholesalers in these areas.

Can working with brands such as Gloworm help wholesalers that are trying to attract high‑end hotels and bars?

While price is always important, in the premium on-trade, it’s less about offering the cheapest price possible and more about the right products. We think Gloworm is the right product and this is an opportunity for all kinds of wholesalers to get involved. The most important thing is for them to get behind the product and understand why there’s a need for it. If they can do that, the profits will roll in.

How does Boost plan to develop its portfolio or service to wholesalers and work more closely with them in the next six months?

For the next six months, we have a very focused plan based on the regions mentioned above, with trade support, in-bar nights, sampling, trade shows and social media. Then we will carry out a full national roll out and eventually launch the range overseas, too.

What development opportunities are there for wholesalers in this market?

The on-trade is an exciting place for wholesalers to be but they must understand the sector to tap into it. This means engaging with the available products, trying them out and encouraging their staff to do the same. Then, they can start to create their own opportunities for development and growing sales.

What advice do you have for wholesalers looking to grow sales or improve business management?

Wholesalers should create designated areas in-depot where they can bring the Gloworm range to life and show customers there is something new on the market using theatre and run sampling activity. Back this up with digital engagement on websites. Plus, taste the product and ask your staff to sample it, too. Think like a consumer first and sales will follow.


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