SWA unveils directory for Scottish food and drink industry

Colin Smith SWA
Photo credit: SWA

The Scottish Wholesale Association (SWA) has unveiled a new directory for the Scottish food and drink sector to help local and regional producers connect with wholesalers and help find new routes to market.

The new online portal – www.scottishwholesaledirectory.co.uk – forms part of the SWA’s wider work to develop wholesale as a primary route to market for all producers, and is the next phase of the SWA’s ongoing Delivering Growth Through Wholesale (DGTW) programme – launched in 2021 to educate and engage with producers on the opportunities provided by wholesale.

Colin Smith, SWA chief executive, said: “Our new directory lists all SWA wholesale members in in one convenient place and is designed to help producers and suppliers identify the wholesaler that is the ‘best fit’ for their business.

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“It’s an excellent tool set up with filters to enable producers to focus on a particular product category, market sector and geographical region – it’s a valuable resource for producers who are ready to develop and grow their business to the next level, whether that’s at local, regional or national level.

“This is the first time that there has been a ‘one stop shop’ directory of Scottish food and drink wholesalers and its premise is quite simple: find the wholesale distributor that fits your product category, distributes in the markets and regions that fit your brand, and offers the support to build your sales.

“It’s a toolkit that can even drill down to the very specific needs of a restaurant, for example, that is looking for a local seafood or meat supplier.”

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