SWA offers members insight into electric vehicle market

The Scottish Wholesale Association (SWA) has partnered with Volvo Trucks to offer members detailed insight into the electric vehicle and infrastructure market, as part of its Decarbonisation of the Wholesale Sector project.

Its first Electric Vehicle Experience event, being held in Linwood, Renfrewshire, will allow qualifying participants to drive one of the UK’s first all-electric HGVs and also provide access to sector leaders who will speak about Scotland’s transition to net-zero fleets.

Aimed at all wholesalers who want to glean more information about electric vehicles and how best to start making the transition to EV fleets, this event also provides an opportunity to meet and question Volvo engineers about EV vehicle technology.

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Colin Smith, SWA chief executive, said: “We’re experiencing considerable interest from members who are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and this event will provide an excellent platform for wholesalers to learn more about the technology and ask pertinent questions.

“Last November, we shared the findings of the first phase of our Decarbonisation of the Wholesale Sector project which focused on our vehicles and fleets, calculating and reporting on the sector’s fleet emissions baseline and producing a fleet emissions roadmap to net zero.

“Phase two is focusing on our buildings and cold storage while phase three will shine a spotlight on our people and employees and how they move around to, from and within their job.

“This project is one of the most detailed undertaken by any sector and is based on real data and evidence, compiled direct from our wholesale members. This is an extremely exciting and important time for the SWA and our members as we help shape the future sustainability of our sector and Scotland’s food and drink supply chain.

The Electric Vehicle Experience event will hear from Transport Scotland on the nation’s transition to net-zero fleets, Volvo Trucks on accelerating the shift to electromobility, and Scottish Power Energy Networks whose speaker will discuss resourcing and support the power demand.


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