Spotlight on Technology: Savona Foodservice

We spoke to Mike Morgan, managing director at Savona Foodservice to discuss technological changes within their wholesale operations.

Two years ago, Savona embarked upon a strategic programme of system replacements that will provide the latest in technology solutions, enabling a radical improvement to their customer proposition and experience. From adopting a unified communications approach to what would otherwise be traditional telephony to full adoption of mobile collaboration using Microsoft Teams, no technological stone has been left turned to offer the most flexible approach to new ways of working. Following the incredible adoption of their online platform in 2019, Savona has replaced their core ERP system, moving to a browser-based system called Qnetex by wholesale IT specialists, CSD. Qnetex already includes ePOD (electronic proof of delivery) and live customer order tracking. Underpinning all this is the ability to retrieve and analyse data, for which Savona has adopted Phocas – a UK-based, wholly provider-owned product that offers the most user-friendly experience.

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Qnetex is designed to address the current processes common throughout the foodservice industry. But, more importantly, Qnetex is designed with the future in mind. Hence the day-one integration with industry-leading platforms: eCommerce (Biggestshed), Finance (Sage), Business Intelligence (Phocas), and Dynamic routing (PTV). After over 18 months of design, planning and preparation, Savona’s Oxford depot went live with Qnetex in August, with the South West depot due to follow in November. This blend of solutions will bring customer insight and intelligence to the fingertips of any user, regardless of where and when they log in.

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The world has changed for good, and we need to be ready for what lies ahead. Biggest Shed (from 443 AI) and Qnetex (from CSD) have the right solutions and attitudes. We have worked together to provide a suite of systems that will really differentiate us from the rest of the industry. To implement both systems without any issues was truly a huge achievement that would not have been possible without the tireless effort and the continued support of our partners and our team.

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Savona’s digital transformation complements its existing e-commerce website powered by the Biggest Shed, which pioneered the industry in 2019. Artificial Intelligence specifically relating to wholesale results in a frictionless customer experience, offering ultra-convenience when placing orders. The Savona Group aren’t stopping there, with more major technology development going live in the coming six months.

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