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We spoke to Justin Slawson, joint managing director of Mevalco, to discuss how wholesalers can increase sales during festive periods.

What actions and steps do you take to capitalise on profitable periods throughout the year? Can you name examples?

 The actions we take to capitalise on profitable periods throughout the year is focusing on seasonal specialities. For example, carabineros prawns during BBQ season, suckling pig at Christmas, and lamb at Easter. We work closely with our restaurant and hotel customers on their menu planning to ensure we can deliver these products in the quantities they need.

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How important is your work with suppliers during these periods? Do they advise and lead on how you should operate during specific periods?

It’s very important – crucial in fact. We work very closely with our suppliers during these periods as many of the products i.e. seafood and meat, have to be ordered up to one year in advance. There is a lot of conversation around the quantities we can order from our suppliers, to match the demands of our customers in restaurants and hotels. Some products such as Acorn Fed Pork have a finite availability, so we need to be sure of how much we need a long time in advance.

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Can you names specific examples of methods you’ve tried that have had a positive effect on your business for certain months?

Education and talking to our customers and explaining about particular products is important as these can only be acquired at certain times of the year. We also work with our customers closely regarding their menu planning to ensure we can deliver what they want at certain times of the year. It’s a close working partnership between us and our suppliers and us and our restaurant customers.

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