Scottish wholesalers to debate independence

The Scottish Wholesale Association (SWA) will explore the pros and cons of independence at its annual conference this summer, which will take place at Crieff Hydro in Perthshire on 14-16 June, 2013.

Bill Jamieson, executive editor of The Scotsman newspaper, will chair the debate surrounding the question of independence as Scotland prepares for the referendum on independence in 2014. Jamieson, who writes and commentates on finance, economics, politics and current affairs, will discuss what independence – or retaining the status quo – might mean for businesses based in Scotland and the UK, and the potential implications for southern-based companies supplying Scottish wholesalers.

To book a place at the conference, please contact Kate Salmon or Margaret Wilson on 0131 556 8753, or by email at: Full details and a booking form for suppliers is available on the Scottish Wholesale Association’s website:


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